Previous semesters

PhD courses

DRE 7002 – Time Series EconometricsPhD courseBINorwegian Business School. (Spring 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017)

DRE 7004 – Topics in MacroeconomicsPhD courseBINorwegian Business School. (Fall 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017)

DRE 7002 – Time Series EconometricsPhD courseBI Norwegian Business School.  Lecturer Hilde C Bjørnland and Fabio Canova

DRE 7024 Factor Models in MacroeconomicsPhD courseBINorwegian Business School - March 20-21 and April 25, 2017Guest lecturer James Stock (March 20 and 21 2017). Course responsible Hilde C Bjørnland.

DRE 7011 – CAMP mini PhD course: Oil Markets and the Macro Economy", PhD courseBI Norwegian Business School – June13-15, 2017. Guest lecturer Hashem Pesaran (June 15, 2017). Course responsible Hilde C Bjørnland.

DRE 7020 – Regime-Switching DSGE modeling in RISEPhD course. November 16-18 2015, Oslo.  Guest lecturer: Junior Maih. See invitation here

Topics in advanced macroeconometrics I: Structural VAR models. PhD CourseUniversity of Oslo/BI Norwegian Business School. 11-14 December 2006:  Detailed plan and reading list.


Executive MBA 

Maritime Offshore track 

GRA8221 - Oil Prices and the Macroeconomy (June 21-22 2016) See here for details


MSc courses

GRA 6639 – Business cycles (previous name: Topics in macroeconomics)Master of Science, BI Norwegian Business School. (Spring 2008-)

GRA 6648 – Research Methodology - EconomicsMaster of Science, BI Norwegian Business School (Spring 2011-)


OLD courses

GRA6647 - Applied Econometrics and Time SeriesMaster of Science, BI Norwegian Business School. (Fall 2007-2010)

Spesialisering: Anvendt Makro: Introduction to time series methods. BI Norwegian Business School. (Spring 2008, 2010)

Monetary policy and business fluctuations, Master of ScienceUniversity of Oslo. Spring 2004, 2005, 2006.

Advanced Macroeconomics, Master of ScienceUniversity of Oslo Fall 2001, 2002.