Main research interest is in the areas of business cycles, macroeconomic policy and time series. Special interests include energy, commodity prices, climate and fiscal- and monetary policy. See links below for access to papers

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Publications in international Journals:







  • "Oil and macroeconomic (in)stability" (coauthors Vegard H. Larsen and Junior Maih), American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 10(4), 2018, 128-51.
    • For a previous working paper version, see here












  • "Weights and pools for a Norwegian density combination" (coauthors Karsten Gerdrup, Anne Sofie Jore, Christie Smith and Leif Anders Thorsrud). North American Journal of Economics and Finance. 22(1), 2011, 61-76, (formerly titled as “There is more than one weight to skin a cat: Combining densities at Norges Bank”).
    • For a previous working paper version, see here.









  • "The commodity currency puzzle" (coauthor: Håvard Hungnes), IUP Journal of Monetary Economics, Icfai Press, VI, 2008, 7-30.
    • For a previous working paper version, see here