Professor of Economics and Provost for Research and Academic Resources at BI Norwegian Business School


The paper "Dutch Disease Dynamics Reconsidered" (coauthors Leif Anders Thorsrud and Ragnar Torvik), is accepted for publication in European Economic Review. 

The paper "Do central banks respond timely to developments in the global economy?" (coauthors Leif Anders Thorsrud and Sepideh K. Zahiri) is accepted for publication in Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

New paper: "The Shale Oil Boom and the U.S. Economy: Spillovers and Time-Varying Effects" (coauthor Julia Zhulanova), CAMP Working paper 8/2018

The paper "Commodity prices and fiscal policy design: Procyclical despite a rule" (coauthor Leif Anders Thorsrud), is accepted for publicaiton in Journal of Applied Econometrics